Toolbar button to add building

Based on my experience, which is echoed by others at, the right-click option to add multiple buildings in Stitch is too hidden.

Maybe that should have a toolbar button in Stitch to make it more obvious.

Or maybe a real menu system. There is only one menu item which is not intuitive at all.
What is “Hide Others?” Hide what?

Hide others is not a stitch / Planitar menu item. It is part of Mac OS

Any program that you open will have that. It is only used in cases where you have multiple windows open and visible at the same time. This will effectively hide all apps from your screen other than the one you are using.

That makes sense but not completely accurate. I only have one Firefox window up in this case and they make use of the toolbar.

Admittedly, I’m not a Mac expert by any means.


That menu does not appear in the Windows version of Stitch, and AFAIK it’s the same code base as the Mac version.

Or maybe a real menu system

But yes, I would like to see a proper menu system. I think that would help both novice and veteran operators.

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