Theta USB Data Disconnect Option

I would not mind having the option to run the Theta separately from the Planix while the camera is disconnected. Currently if you turn the Theta off the Planix will not capture any data. I would be down for letting the planix capture the data and camera position while using the DFE plugin separately on the Theta without it connected to the USB. There could be an option to disable USB data while still allowing the Planix to power the Theta. We would then have to manually stitch and upload panos. I would put in the extra work for that option. It could be as simple as a toggle to allow laser data to be captured without the Theta being connected.

I’m a bit confused by this as it seems contradictory.
In your first sentence you said you woulk like to “run the Theta,” however, in your last sentence you said you want to “allow data to be captured withouth the Theta…”
Are you asking for both such as the ability to use either the camera or the Planix separately? If so, what benefit would you get by running the Planix separately?

They would be run independently of each other, however you would still have the laser data capture and correct camera position. This way you could use the DFE plugin without having to constantly turn the planix and theta on and off. I also wouldn’t mine having a folder copy option from the Theta to the usb drive. That way you wouldn’t need to remove the theta.

All data from the Planix/iGuide is stored on the USB, not on the Theta. There is never a need to remove the camera.

I know that. I’m referring to if you use the Theta independently of the Planix. The data stored on the Theta itself could be copied to the thumb drive.

So is your only goal, here, to use the Planix as a battery and not wanting the laser data at all?

I want to combine the laser data with higher quality processed panos.

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