The iGUIDE Show: Understanding the MPAC Square Footage Announcement

Have you heard about the MPAC announcement about the use of their square footage measurements in MLS property listings? Curious what it could mean for the Real Estate Photography industry? Click below for a three minute update from Kevin and get dialed in to this essential new development in the Real Estate Market.

Hungry for even more information on the MPAC announcement? Check out our blog post about it here.

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Can you post the link to the actual MPAC guideline and annoucement - just went through this with an agent who asked me to remove the iGuide square footage because her clients were upset that is was less than MPAC. Her plan was to go ahead and just publish the MPAC numbers…she’s a great client and I wouldn’t want her in trouble.


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Hi, I recently had a similar problem and realized MPAC is highly inaccurate because they do not actual enter the home.

This was from iGuide sent to me in regards to my problem

"Open to below & vaulted ceiling areas in this property add up to about 500sf. MPAC does enter the property to measure, so they can often twice count areas open to below/vaulted ceilings. MPAC may also use builder’s square footage for a generic model, whereas customizations may include vaulted ceilings instead of a room on the 2nd floor. This is the reason why MPAC does not allow public usage of their square footage in real estate listings. "

Hope this helps. Agents love to always have the measurement with the most sqft but don’t care to get the more accurate one which is iGuide not MPAC.

Hi Greg, You could refer your client to the MPAC propertyline subscription form, specifically the terms and conditions of the use of the propertyline information. It states that the information is only for internal use and further states that the information is presented on an “As-is” basis. Unfortunately, I can’t steer you to a public announcement as they just sent the update to the Real Estate Associations and industry partners that use their platforms.