"That i-Thing"

Here’s a pretty cool thing that happened yesterday.

As I was finished up a shoot at a high-end property in a high-end neighborhood, I was standing in front of the property when a couple parked across the street and approached me. They were curious if the house was going up for sale, because they are looking to buy in that neighborhood. We chatted for a few minutes. At the end we had an exchange that went like this:

Wife: “I hope they do one of those i-things for this listing.”

Me: “Do you mean an iGuide?”

Wife: “Yeah! That. We’re only looking at properties with iGuides.”

Me: “The iGuide will be available tomorrow.”

I think my brain high-fived itself as they walked away. :grinning:


Awesome story! We do work for a bunch of builders and I talk with potential customers–or people who’ve already bought one of their properties but we’re shooting it for resale for a realtor. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about the iGuides we do. They love them.

That is so fantastic!