Tags on Stitch

Tags on Stitch

I suggest adding a feature to the stitch software that allows users to view the tags made on the iGuide app. This would provide confirmation that the corresponding data will be included in the tar file. Simply displaying the tag locations alongside the point cloud in the stitch software would suffice, as editing can be done on the iGuide Portal. This feature would enhance user confidence and streamline the workflow.

Thank you for considering my suggestion. I believe it would greatly improve the user experience of the Stitch software.


I haven’t used tags in a while, but that sounds like a good idea.

I’d suggest re-posting this in the feature suggestions forum at https://forum.goiguide.com/c/feature-suggestions/.

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Hi Leroy,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to access the link you posted. Could you please check it?

If you can’t access that link, reach out to support. You may need to be given access.