Tags in Stitch

Please fully support tags in Stitch. In general, it would be helpful to know that all of Survey’s functionality is also available in Stitch (except, of course, scanning functions).

It’s much more productive to review and make changes in Stitch on a computer than on a small mobile device onsite. Especially at the end of a day of shoots when everything is handy and fresh-in-mind, rather than waiting until a property has been drafted and contending with the slowness of a web interface.

Especially for certain use cases (like construction, commercial, etc.), we need to ensure that tags are thorough and accurate before sending to the drafters.

Pretty please and thanks.


I agree with this feature request.

It would be great to be able to export Tag Data and Tag Photographs via Stitch, or via the Portal as well.

Please look into this. :blush: