Tagging sample

Hi gang,
Anyone have a recent tour that includes the tagging feature that I can see? I have a client inquiring about the option and would like to see a real-world application of it.

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I recently completed one for an art gallery. It’s a private link for now until they make it available to the public, and it has some adult content. Send me a message if you’re interested in the link.

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I’d also be interested to see a tagged tour

Me too please. I like to see the tags.
Thank you

If anyone else wants to see the iGuide that I’ve used tagging on, send me a direct message.


I just tried it for the first time… https://unbranded.youriguide.com/109_12_st_ne_medicine_hat_ab/

basement bedroom, and main floor washroom sink

Good luck


Hi Leroy,

I would also be interested in seeing the tagging that you used.
Thank you in advance!

Send me a private message. The client does not want the link in the public for now.

Hi Leroy, would love to see your example of the gallery. I too recently shot 4 different galleries and have been trying to utilize the tag feature to its full potential. I’ve run into some issues however so would love to see if youre doing something I am not. I added all the artwork photos to the gallery, and then wanted the corresponding photos featured in the tags for each piece. however, I cannot get the photos to show up when one clicks on a tag. heres an example of what i am talking about iGUIDE 3D Tour for Altered States Exhibit


Click the TAG Editor button from your dashboard. Find the TAG you want to edit and click the Edit Pencil. Then click the Image button (third from the right) that is under the Quick Preview button. Find the image you want from your image gallery and click the check box in the upper Left corner. Then click the blue Insert Gallery Image button in the lower Right corner. Your original Tag Editor screen will appear, click the blue Apply button in the Lower Right corner. If you want to see if the image is attached before clicking the Apply button, click the Quick Preview button at the top. Once done, edit the remaining TAGs using this process.

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the advice - that is actually the initial process I followed. I had all the photos inserted and saved within each tag, they just would not dsiplay once viewing the real tour. After reading your comment I went back and tried again just to see what would happen - and this time when inserting the photos it generated a much shorter version of the “code” for the photo within the content box. After saving it with the shorter code, one of the three images at least displays. Not sure what the change was.

I responded to your other forum discussion. You can only attach one piece of media to each tag, as far as I know.