Switch from default mode to pan/zoom mode to take measurements

I own a Planix and I’m super happy about the product and the service. I use virtual tours mostly to take measurements so I only have one criticism, I find inconvenient to switch from view mode to pan/zoom mode every time I have to draw axes so I was wondering why don’t consider let draw in zoom/pan mode? What do you think about?

Missing Critical Features and Bugs Make Measurement Tool Almost Unusable for Most Clients.

  1. Measuring “bug” inconsistently displays data and adds to measurement error - I have had two clients now point this out to me as a reason why this tool will not work for them.

When measuring short distances the tool displays tenths of an inch, but when the distance grows slightly it only rounds to the closest inch and the tenths disappear making your overall measurement less accurate and clients concerned. it sucks when you have multiple clients have to point this out to you with no logical reason it should be this way. See image example.
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 4.00.25 PM

  1. Missing critical feature - when measuring a long expanse (20m or so) you have no way to measure accurately in any of the measurement modes. Mode 3 is what you are told to use, but anyone who has tried this now it is impossible to accurately place a measuring point in mode 3 when the object (window, wall etc) is 20m meters away. Obviously it makes the specified accuracy impossible to meet no matter how carefully you scanned the space.

The solution would be to use measurement mode 2 across multiple, registered scans. This is not possible today.

  1. Missing critical feature - No reporting. That’s correct, there is no way to export the survey work you have done nor is there a way to save measurements from multiple measurement modes in one image in order to do a basic screen capture. As soon as you move from say mode 3 to mode 2 all the work you had done is lost from the original measuring work. Very upset client for this one after they carefully surveyed a wall in mode 2 only to loose all their work when shifting to mode 3.

Those of us trying to expand our business using these new features need some support with this basic stuff.