Swipe to Change Panos for Review

I’ve been teaching someone on my team how to do iGuides, and we go through each pano on-site to make sure everything was captured. The part that stinks is having to click on Pano, find the pano (a lot of times that includes scrolling), clicking on the pano you want, then viewing it under Survey. Then to get to the next pano that was taken, I have to go back to the pano list, scroll, click. It’s very time consuming and frustrating from a usability standpoint.

It would be great to have some type of functionality from the Survey screen to move to the previous/next pano. Whether that’s swiping, or simply arrow buttons somewhere, it would be a huge time saver not having to click down on the Pano button.

There are also times where I want to go to the prior pano, outside of the “teaching” element. So I think this would be helpful all around, not just during the temporary time of me training someone.

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Here here! My reason for wanting little arrow buttons or “next / Previous” on the Survey page are that I’ve been shooting without orienting on-the-go. Like you I find it awkward to try navigating through. Good suggestion!