Survey Suggestions

Can you please look at increasing the functionality of the Survey UI/UX, especially for advanced iGuide shooters who use larger mobile devices like iPads?

Here are some suggestions and a mockup of features that I would find very useful.

  1. While onsite, my main focus is the floor plan and ensuring that alignment is accurate to save time later in Stitch. But a small, PIP-style preview of the panos would be helpful. The toggling of full-screen pano, full-screen floor plan, split-screen pano/floor plan is useful, but for larger devices a small PIP preview with the floor plan being the major focus would be so much better. Especially if that preview can be repositioned.

  2. Let us change floors with two presses on the lower right, rather than hamburger menu > floors > select floor. That would be consistent with the option to change HDR modes in the lower left.

  3. Add multiple shutter buttons to allow for shooting different HDR modes with a single-press would be very, very useful. At a minimum, at least show the HDR mode at all times so that there’s no question which HDR mode is currently being used. Otherwise, it’s easy to forget to change HDR modes (for those of us who changes modes for interior vs exterior).

  4. Let us delete a pano with one-press (plus a confirmation). It currently takes too many steps to delete a pano, and hiding a pano isn’t always the best option.

  5. I’ve already posted about this in a separate feature suggestion thread, please, please, please bring back the the option to rotate the entire floor plan at any point like the IMS-5 had. As I’m training a new photographer, the need for this is obvious every day.

Thank you.


That would be aweswome!!

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Yup, those would all be of good use!

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Great suggestions and I agree with the need for all of them. Been cought with not changing HDR mode often too. I use IPad as well and I think this would be very useful and have run into the same frustrations in the field.
Thanks Leroy!

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In regards to changing HDR modes… Have you updated your theta Z1 firmware in the last couple months? The new external HDR is pretty solid stuff and I found it works just as well as the I guide HDR. Just wondering if that would help not needing to switch your HDR settings

Yes, the firmware is up to date. The newest Ricoh mode is an improvement, and I use it for exteriors, but for interiors I prefer the iGuide modes.

I posted example photos a few weeks ago that show the difference between the modes.

Great suggestions Leroy!

I have often wished I could quickly delete a pano. I have also switched to “no HDR” to measure closets etc. and then forgot I wasn’t on my usual HDR setting. Seeing which HDR setting is currently chosen would help.

I’m glad I’m not the only one. These are all things that I wish for at pretty much every iGuide shoot. And there’s more – I have a growing list of feature suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

“What a wonderful world it would be…”

I really like the PIP idea! Or at least a way to resize the preview image would be really nice. Like Leroy I primarily use the screen for the floor plan alignment, but I need to quickly verify the exposure so a smaller preview would be awesome!

The ability to access often used items like floors, and delete scan would be of great benefit also.

I use an iPad mini for running the camera on-site.