Survey HDR and image update

Thanks Planitar for the software update. I’ve been testing it tonight in my home and I like the increased contrast a lot! Less hazy look around the highlights too, so the image looks crisper to me.

Funny you offer -5/+2 and -3/+3. For four years with the other camera I used something halfway in between on every pano inside and out: -4/+3. I think I can get the same results with the -5/+2 and the right preset.

Thanks for listening to your operators and pushing out the firmware updates. I appreciate the effort.


The only thing I did notice was the extra few seconds to process each pano. I guess I’ll find out on my next job whether that slows me down at all.

I used the new HDR image processing on a job today. I do like the image much better with the in house processing rather than the Ricoh image. However, it does take longer onsite to map a house.

If I could have one new feature for mapping it would be to have two shutter actuation “buttons” in survey that could be programmed with different hdr settings.

About 75% of the panos I take are used in the virtual tour and I’m happy to wait the extra few seconds for the better quality photo. The other 25% of the time I’m measuring closets etc. Often I take the camera off the tripod to capture a deck railing or to raise it above all the stuff in a closet. On those occasions it would be great to have a second botton to click to capture the photo/measurements that would not use the hdr processing. Going into the settings to change things for one closet pano wouldn’t make sense, but a second button in Survey would be awesome. Once I go outside I’m likely to choose a different hdr setting too, but if I’m going to take several exteriors in a row I’d just have to change it in the settings.

So to summarize my new feature request: two shutter actuations buttons to capture the image/measurements that can be programmed with different hdr settings.


Glad to hear that the new HDR algorithm looks better. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

I like your idea to speed up onsite processing. Another way of implementing that might be having a drop-down to select a mode – say, high-quality (slow) and low-quality (fast) – with just a single shoot button. That way, it’s one or two button presses to change the mode, and another button press to shoot.


I haven’t had much chance to play with the new HDR options myself but can see where the quick shot would be useful for shots you know will be hidden in stitch. Maybe a shutter button you can long press for a quick shot and tap for a better quality HDR shot or vice versa?

Maybe a shutter button you can long press for a quick shot and tap for a better quality HDR shot or vice versa?

That’s a great idea. And perhaps an “expert mode” setting in preferences to enable that option so it doesn’t complicate things for new operators.

Following up on this elderly thread, because I just shot a bunch of HDR today.

I echo what others have said: While onsite, having to go into Settings, change HDR, then ‘floors’, select floor, then continue shoot is a huge pain. (Then reverse to go again enable/disable…)

At the bottom of Survey, there IS a little ‘HDR’ notification. If it’s not enabled, it’s HDR with a strikethrough, if enabled it just says ‘HDR’. Can this simply be made a toggle button? IF I want HDR, click on it, and it changes from ‘strikethrough’ HDR to just HDR, and honors the HDR settings I chose in Settings (ie. 3/5 stop versions etc.). To change back to non-HDR, simply click it again, it shows strikethrough HDR and will just shoot one frame.

Please and thank you! HDR kills my time on site, if I could just use it when needed that’d be wonderful.

I just purchased the system. As a z1 owner for years, i mainly got for the iguide platform. I been shooting manual 5 brackets, merging post, to get those window pulls, and using Cloudpano.

What method do you recommend?