Super Special announcement- What is it?

Hello, I missed the Feb 9th 2023 super special annoucement seminar.
Can someone please outline this event?
Thank You

It was not recorded, as the info might change. They were just announcing a soon-coming feature called “iGUIDE Preview” where after uploading to Planitar, their AI engine will take a stab at aligning the data, inserting some provisional room names, and creating a working iGUIDE preview within minutes for you to see. It would not contain room dimensions, and will be “subject to change” after the drafters look at it. The only upside to this that when it aligns properly, and you’re working on a large space (although it won’t work on super-large spaces – maybe up to about 150 panos or so) you can ensure you’ve not missed anything. We can kind of do that already if we’re aligning on-site, but I never do. I was underwhelmed and wouldn’t call this “super-special,” but Chris did hint a the fact that this technology will lead to future even more exciting “super-special announcements.” Maybe they’re working towards replacing their drafters with AI tech, so they can reduce our processing costs???


Yeah I found this rather underwhelming also. I align as I go anyhow, so I could see no real world use for this in my model.

As you mentioned, I agree it’s first step into AI processing of the drafting duties. We will see what this brings long term, I just hope it’s not more errors and correction requests.

The ‘OTHER’ Virtual Tour system uses AI drafting fairly accurately/successfully but doesn’t provide the RECA compliant Floor Plans, which brought me into the iGuide world. I know the two systems have different sensors, which may affect accuracy from a real estate perspective, but understood some of iGuides compliance may be driven by having hands-on Drafting as well. If primary iGuide Drafting was to switch to AI, I’d recommend they look into that RECA and ANSI compliance ahead of the change.

Best case it won’t affect costs, worst case they’ll see it as some kind of benefit and ask us to pay extra for the fast turnaround, Honestly I dont see a way to upsell the faster turnaround (i’d rather wait for the correct verified data) so I really hope it isnt an upcharge for those rare times it might prove helpful.

There’s some discussion about this on the Facebook group.
See Redirecting....

Sounds interesting.

I missed the session but as I still look at this as a side hustle here in the UK, due to other work commitments, it would be great if there’s some cost benefit, especially when making demo’s as proof of concept for people.

Having said that I really do need to get into the whole outputs as opposed to focusing on just the images and floor plans