Suggestions on getting more clients?

Hello everyone, I am new to iGuide and I am wondering if any of you would have some suggestions on how to get more clients, at the moment in the San Diego CA area there are not many listings for Real Estate but will love to hear suggestions, Thank you very much!

Glad to know I’m not alone. Things are starting to take-off but it’s been a very slow winter for me. One thing that we don’t always remember is to ask for referrals. Last year I was so busy that I didn’t want to take-on more clients, but this year I’m making it known that I’d like to work with my clients’ friends and colleagues. I use HD Photo Hub and I’ve now put a referral code on all invoices, so each of my clients can earn a $100 credit when a new pays for their first order.

I’m also more intentional about adding-on and selling up. If listings are going to be on the market for 45 to 60 days, it’s more imperative than ever to have better marketing materials. I was gobsmacked at how last year agents were happy to spend $400 to $600 to market something that was going to sell within a week, but at that time we were talking about generating the most hype and compelling the most bidders. I already bundle photos, floor plans and iGUIDE as my default product and then my Premium adds an upgrade to Premium iGUIDE, aerial photos and added detail photos. Ultimate package adds video. I almost never shoot photos-only.

It is the way this season is beginning. I am in the Sierras affected by 3 months of heavy snow. I will go along with Toddwaz that playing the referral chain is a good idea. The positive and good realtors know how to get through the challenging period. Try to stay ‘with’ them.

Try to bring up another market segment should you have one. Keep your eye on the main effort, but see if your second marketplace is doable - if so, develop it. There are other related markets you just have to test them out while keeping your eye on the main ball.

I play the mid to upper market with custom video and iGuide does the VR360 and floorplans so quickly that it is great. Last, I rarely shoot Photos only. It on my pricelist, but nobody that wants me wishes just basic images…they want a package.

Yeah, but how do you get the initial client? Google adwords? What kind of wording fo the ad??

Sorry for the delay… flying back from 2 assignments in Detroit.

I am old school. I prefer to meet face to face and shake hands or similar. Somehow, I meet someone and work the relationship. I write basic notes & follow up. I don’t use the phone much for cold calls and coordination. Rarely have I used adwords, but know what it is since I shot a campaign for Google.

I am sure there are more effective paths… I just work a relationship.

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There are several ways you can enhance your real estate business’s exposure and acquire new clients. One approach is to broaden your marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. You can achieve this by comprehensively promoting your services by creating social media pages, investing in paid advertising, or participating in local networking events to engage potential clients.

Another tactic is to center your focus on providing top-notch customer service to your existing clients. Word of mouth is an influential marketing tool, and happy clients are more likely to refer your services to their networks.

Moreover, you may consider collaborating with other businesses in your area to mutually promote your services. For example, partnering with a home-staging company to offer a jointly-bundled service package for clients looking to put up their homes for sale.

Finally, it is also beneficial to tap into creativity by thinking outside the box. You might want to consider hosting an open house event or offering virtual tours to exhibit your services and appeal to potential clients.

Thank you very much for your answers, I am considering all of your ideas and will implement the suggestions. Wish all well and success!

Reach out to real estate agents in the San Diego area and offer to collaborate with them. Many agents are looking for innovative ways to market their listings, and offering iGuide services could be appealing to them.