Suggestions for Stitch program

After using this progam to assemble our virtual tours, we wanted to share a few comments about it:

1.- Please incorporate a way to “lock” panos in the plan so you can move other portions of the map and keep the locked ones in place.
2.- could you provide an orthogonal grid in the background of the map area that could be turned on and off? The idea is so we can use it as a guide to align the panos. In large properties it’s difficult to keep everything aligned and the planix data sometime curved the long walls and you lose the correct alignment when assemble the plan
3.- Could it be possible to choose and assign different color lines-dots to the panos? when you combine different sections of a floor, all lines and dots are cyan, and this cause confusion when you want to move an area, With colors (4 or 5 basic ones) It may be easy on the eye to identify those portions of data.

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Good ideas, especially #2!