Suggestion to Change the Banner

The way the current set-up for banners allows for 1 person (real estate agent) or multiple persons (2 or more real estate agents) in the same office. I see how you can add each name, each email address, and each phone number. But, you’re limited to one website and 1 profile image (unless 2 or more agents are in the same image). Thus set-up allows for a co-broke within the same real estate brokerage, but nothing more.

Thus, this concept doesn’t work if you have more than one company involved.

For a recent iGuide virutal tour i did, I used a tag and placed it on the front door to highlight both the builder and the interior decorator. But this solution is not ideal in that it’s only on the front door and can not be found anywhere else on the VT.

I think the banner should be revised to allow for up to 3 - 5 different entities. For example:

  1. a builder, an architect, and an interior decorator when showcasing a new home that will not be put on the market; or

  2. a real estate agent, a builder (or remodeler), an architect, and a home stager or interior decorator when putting a home on the market; or

  3. a real estate agent and a home stager for listings.

By having a separate banner for each entity, this will allow for full contact information for those involved - including profile images, logos, and websites.)

Also, the amount of “real estate” a company logo takes up is huge if you have a large logo. I think the logo size should be reduced to no more than something along the lines of of say 125 px height by 125 px width (or whatever size would work).

If there are 2 or more banners involved, the 2nd banner should drop below the 1st banner, and the 3rd banner should drop below the 2nd banner, and so on, and appear together. That way they stay together and can be found on each page of the VT. The person who is creating the VT can decide in what order each entity would appear (i.e., who would be on top banner, who would be in the middle banner(s), and who would be on the bottom banner.

I think this arrangement for the banner obviously would be better than tags, and would allow for promotion of not only the real estate agent, but builders, home remodelers, architects, interior designer/decorator, and home stagers as well. Each entity would get exposure from the VT, and which could also lead to more business for us.