I’ve been asked by the major real estate photography company in my market if I would do iGuides® for them. They would add their own photography and video. I’m very friendly with them, and I’m inclined to give them a small discount on my iGuide®-only pricing. I’ve not yet done iGuide-only for anyone, so there won’t be any price confusion is I give them 15% and they add 10% over my pricing to their clients. Two questions my friends: Does anyone have any advice on how to phrase an agreement for providing iGuide®-only service? Secondly, they’d like to have their own branding on the panos. It appears only one Pano branding image can be stored, so do I just offer to remove my logo and leave it generic for their iGuides®?

You can actually have as many branding images as you want. You can only have one default image though, so you’d need to remember to change it for any that you do for these people.


Good to know. I just need to find where to add them, and if I can specify when I create the iGuide. I’ll be creating one tonight, so I’ll test that out. Thanks Ron.

Just my opinion, but I would not offer a discount unless they can guarantee you a certain volume of work.

Since I’m priced slightly below market, I’m encouraging them to charge market-price with me giving them 10% break on my own “retail pricing”. My fear is that they’ll just buy their own iGuide and take business away from me. They do 12 to 20 shoots per day, so they’re a formidable competitor. I can trust them, but will certainly keep the volume in mind. Thank you for chiming in. I certainly value every opinion!!! Take care.

I’ve learned to be cautious about giving discounts because that often turns into a devaluation of my work and time – and client memories about favors you do them can quickly fade. But I can understand the you want to give them incentive to use you.

Why on offer a indirect discount where they pay full price on every 9 shoots and get the 10th shoot free? At least that won’t affect the perception of the value of your service, but they still get a discounted rate.

As for pano branding images for just them, I believe the the feature was added just a few months ago. Go to Settings > Manage Banners > Edit Banner Settings and you can set defaults for a specific client. There’s a spot their to change their pano branding image.

Good luck.