Stupid question time

I have a theta z1 that I have never played around with yet till recently. When shooting pano with iguide. Do we shoot bracketed or single exposure?



I shoot with iGude brackets, not ThetaZ brackets. That choice in in the setup on the Survey App. I usually use the -3/+5, though it might be +3/-5, I don’t remember off hand.

I suggest playing around with different settings as they will be different for different situations.


Thanks Jarid - This is still pretty new to me, not sure I undersand all of it yet. Looks like a great asset to have with Real Estate Photography.

You’re welcome. I suggest looking at tech videos Planix supplies then setting up the system at home and doing a project. It’s all pretty easy once you start going through the process.

I love it, and it’s certainly a great addition to services I offer.


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