Stitch Default Colour Settings

Has anyone else noticed Stitch colour default settings keep changing each and every time you load a new project?

I don’t recall this being an issue, but now it happens every, single, time! and I’m losing my mind trying to figure out a way to have it default to the colour settings that I like.

What am I missing?

Thanks all

Have you gone under your user account at the my guides page and set defaults for everything??

There is a section there to control the viewer and pdf…default color scheme.

No I mean in the image develop module within the Stitch software.

The exposure, contrast colour sliders no longer import at a certain preset for me.

Sometimes the sliders are all at zero, other times they are a mixed bag.

That is actually a function of stitch. The System applies the necessary settings to make the images fit within an expected parameter and then it’s up to us to adjust from there.

Yeah, but it used to always have roughly the same settings or some close to where I last used it.

For example I have purples nearly set to 0 (because of the horrific purple fringing from the Planix) and everytime I opened a new project, purple was set to where I last left it. But no longer, so now I have to do far more adjustments to get things where I want them.

It would be nice if we could set a default for Stitch to use on import.