Stitch Data upload size

I’ve noticed that when I use Stitch on my desktop the zip file averages about 50 to 70 megs but when I use my laptop it averages round 15 to 20 megs.

Just something I found curious . Anyone have an explanation?

Also just an FYI. I google searched this forum and I was able to read all the threads and responses without signing in. Is there any concerns that this information is private or proprietary?

Are your desktop exports including photospheres?

Ahh… good question. I’ll check but you are probably correct. I bet the photospheres box isn’t checked on my laptop.

Part of the forum is limited only to members of the iGuide Operators group - those categories are marked with a lock icon and non-members do not even see those categories listed anywhere. Keep that in mind when choosing a category for a new topic.

Thanks for the clarification Alex.