Stitch data indicator on My iGuides page

At the end of busy days, I open a browser tab on the iGuide portal for each property I’ve shot. I worry that on those busy days I might miss if the Stitch data hasn’t properly uploaded for each property. Right now to double check that, I have to open each property and look at the Insights (attachment 1).

Can we please also add that Insights indicator on the My iGuides page so that a quick glance would allow confirmation? (Attachment 2). I’m thinking that should only apply before a shoot has been drafted and disappear after.

Thank you.

I like this idea. Up until reading this post I wasn’t sure how I could check that my Stitch data uploaded properly and was ok to use. So the ‘Insights’ field is the double-check?

That’s right. It’s a handy visual indicator to let you sleep better. :grinning: