Standalone building

I’m trying to do a project that has a detached garage. How do you create a standalone building?

I’ve done it before and did two scans from the main house (more if farther away) and made sure they were within line of sight of each other. And then scan the garage, making sure at least 1 of those scans is within line of sight of the exterior scan… that gives the drafter an ability to see location and distances.

I chose to have all the scans outside and in detached garage hidden in the 360 tour, but it allowed the floor plan to reflect the location.

Thanks. I’m getting the hang of it.

Another option is to scan the seperate garage as another floor and then add these back to ground floor and position them as you want. I’ve found quite often that to save space on the floorplan I move these buildings in the drawings rather than having a whole heap of negative space between them.

Thanks for that. There seems to be some options.