Sort / Filter by Active IGuides

It would be extremely helpful, if when signing in to the Iguide portal, if you could choose a filter to show you only the “active” IGuides and to be able to filter out the “locked” or sold ones.

It would also be helpful if there was an easier way to lock/mark sold an IGuide. Something on the very first screen would be much more helpful than having to open each Guide to navigate to the correct page to lock the tour.

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I agree with you on both points on this! We often have Realtors that just send us a list monthly of the 9 or 10 properties that have sold, and it would be much easier to not have to open every single one up in order to lock it.
Also, a map showing only our iGuides that we have shot on it would be helpful. I know the “iGuide Search Map” has come under a bit of scrutiny for breaching privacy issues because it has all iGuide shoots in that area shown on it, until they are locked. But, sometimes, I’d like to be able to see if I have done a shoot in a neighbourhood previously and have nice community or amenities shots of an apartment building. Most amenities are closed to photograph these days, so having just my iGuides I could open on a map function would be great. Especially if it’s a rainy day or there’s smoke from forest fires, etc that might mean I don’t get great images that day.

I’ve put in a separate feature suggestion that we be allowed to choose a 4, 8, 12 week or indefinite term for analytics subscriptions. I’d default to 8 weeks. If it’s not sold in 8 weeks and someone calls me saying “where’s my analytics?” I’d just re-up them for another 4 weeks. Easier than annoying them every Monday with multiple emails that they have to delete.

Coming back to this. Can we please have the ability to view only active iGuides for a certain client? This is an ongoing pain point.

I agree about being able to lock iGuides directly from the listings page as opposed to opening all of the iGuides individually, but here is my work around. I do an advanced search for the agent. All of their iGuides show up and are indicated if they are active by virtue of the lock symbol beside the ones that are locked. See screenshot. If I need to lock a few I click details, click lock on the next page and then browser back twice to bring me back to the list of found properties page. Then repeat for each property that needs locking.

Workaround can help, but this should be addressed by design.