Some encouragement for markets where homes are selling in hours

I’ve been struggling to get business lately.
Part of the problem is, suddenly my other business is busy again, so I have not been filling my pipeline. I’ve been out of state a lot.

I met with a very successful Realtor this week. She does a high volume in a lake area near me that would be a good market to penetrate.

She likes iGuide but so far I’ve failed to convince her to even try a free iGuide. (she has a photographer that uses M**p)
The encouragement comes from her comment to me, when I mentioned that agents don’t seem to need photos, because homes are moving so quickly.

She said (ad lib) "We need virtual tours more than ever. We sometimes get 20 offers on one home. I have to limit each tour to 15 minutes. If they have not already looked at the virtual tour then I don’t let them tour the home."

You can bet I’m going to use this example when I get back to priming my sales pump next week.

Don’t forget a few benefits of iGUIDE over Matterport. I always include panos inside and outside an open door to expand the tour to include the yard, making it an exclusive benefit to iGUIDE.
Matterport shooters don’t always use the more accurate camera, so their floorplans can be inaccurate by 4-6%.
I see a lot of Matterports with the camera smack-dab in the middle of a mirror, and I always clone the camera out when I can’t avoid mirrors.
iGUIDES can be acquired quicker and the results are always processed the next day for optimal efficiency in getting hot-selling listings to market
iGUIDE player includes photos, floor-plans, area measurements and map, so they become a one-click-sharable single-property website.
For those of us in Canada, we proudly boast that we’re a Canadian company!


Thanks Todd, you are absolutely correct.
Great points for the new users to highlight in their sales pitch.
This Realtor seems to have a very close relationship with her photographer and I don’t think I’ll be able to overcome that obstacle.
Honestly, if it was the other way around, I would want the same thing.
Most importantly is, we should never obsess over one Realtor. I’ll keep in touch with her and hopefully one of these days her other photographer will be too busy. Opening the door for me.

we should never obsess over one Realtor

Yes sir. I’ve learned that. I’ve had realtors who I thought I had cemented a relationship with (by going as far as helping the assistant vacuum a dirty property before shooting it once – though never again :grimacing:) leave for a cheap, quick & dirty competitor, only to come back to me after a few months and turn into an excellent client.

In this industry especially, take the big picture view. Be professional, friendly, diligent, flexible, and honest (when you mess up) and you will get traction in the long term.

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Those are all great points. My clients do love that it’s Canadian tech.

iGUIDE player includes photos, floor-plans, area measurements and map, so they become a one-click-sharable single-property website.

Also don’t forget that you can add a video link to iGuides so they really do become single-point websites with virtual tour, floor plans, measurements, map, photos, and video.