Soliciting Hotels/Resorts?

Is there any iGuide marketing materials that are aimed at soliciting resorts and hotels for their business?

Anyone have success they would like to share?

Thanks in advance!

I’m actually partnering up with a company to market to resorts and other businesses. We made up a flyer for this but, honestly flyers, brochures, etc. are all (basically) a waste. People just throw them out. If they’re interested, they’ll talk to you, if not, they’ll say something like, “Do you have any materials you can leave…”

I recently did a large job for a resort and I do believe there is a market for this. In my case the resort was being renovated and they need new floor plans done. I’ll be going back when its completed to do it all over with the new ronos. perhaps when other resorts see this they may start asking and I can use use this as an sample for future marketing.