SOLD - iGuide Pro - NY/USA - For Sale - $600 plus shipping - never used

For sale - iGuide Pro - located in NY - never used - SN: MX21030K109
For $600 and shipping. Must sell by end of december. Will send unit via UPS

What am I missing here? These are $2000+ new. It seems you are selling this way too low. Perhaps you meant $1600?

You want to buy it for $1600?

I am not in the market for one, but at $600, I would be tempted just as a backup.

Is the system calibrated and not damaged?


Does this include the camera as well? Everything work perfect? If so, how much is the shipping to Idaho?

Hi - I have a buyer for you. Please text me at 360-682-5681. Great Deal!

How do I contact you about this sale?

Ill buy it here is my email