Social Sharing start options

In the iGuide settings we have choices related to what viewers will see first when they activate an iGuide link (3D tour, gallery, video).
If we change these start options and then share the iGuide link on Facebook for example, Facebook still previews the iGuide 3D start view in the news feed. Could this be changed to preview whatever iGuide start option we have selected?
Yes I know we can use the little grey arrows that Facebook shows us to switch to the first gallery image in the preview, but could there be another option to mirror the iGuide settings? This could give us the video from the iGuide URL too?

There is only one preview image generated and that is of the iGuide 3D tour as that is what iGuide is all about. Video is not hosted by us, so generating a preview image for it does not make sense. Also, we are selfishly interested in promoting iGuide 3D tour as that is what keeps us in business, so we want more eyeballs on iGuide.

I don’t disagree with you. I am just interested in satisfying the needs of our clients who are trying other things when promoting their listings.