Sky replacements for Exterior Panos?

For us Real Estate Photographers, Sky replacement is a normal practice. In the past with different platforms like panotour, I have been able to take the equirectangular pano and replace the sky in PS. Have any of you guys have been successful doing this for the Iguides?
Thank you

I’ve done it before using Landscape Pro.

Thank you. I will appreciate if you can elaborate more. I normally do it with PS and I can see how landscape pro can be even faster. How did you exported the pano file to landscape Pro and brought it back to the IGuide?
Thank you!

Sorry – I just import the 3 fisheye jpg files into Landscape Pro (or Photoshop) from the uploaded house file, edit them, and save/export back to the same folder. Exactly the same thing I do when removing myself from the bathroom mirror :slight_smile: Just make sure sky is the same color in each fisheye image.

Thank you Brother. I appreciate it. It makes sense.
Thank you. I will report back:)

How long does this take to complete? I generally avoid editing the panos due to the amount of time required.

Hey Doug – it takes about as much time as it would to edit a regular photo – X 3 if you’re editing an outdoor shot with sky in all three images. The important thing is to edit the correct jpg images in the folder (the h ones) and to save/replace the images back to the same folder after editing. Not so much for outdoor shots, but for indoor panos where my/my camera’s reflection is in a mirror, shower door, fridge, etc., this has just become part of the usual process for me when editing the house in Stitch.

If you could do a video recording on how you’re doing this many of us would love you forever… :slight_smile:

You mean for sky replacements or just regular editing? Because I use Landscape Pro for sky replacement and don’t really know how to do it in photoshop. But sure, I can do a screen grab later today and post it. By the way it was our own Chris White who taught me this a few years ago.

Sky replacements. Never used Landscape Pro.

I’ll make a video. Sky replacements isn’t something I normally do but it’s certainly possible.

I would love you forever…

The fastest sky replacements I do come from using PPA actions in photoshop. Someone else took the time to make some sophisticated actions and I paid $10 for them. It works best on totally grey or blown out sky. They include a collection of different skies to use in the replacements, but I don’t really like theirs so I use my own. I have a sky with a mix of cloud and blue and it looks realistic swapping it out for an overcast day.

I haven’t done it on the pano images, but maybe for the very occasional “special” property I might now that the idea has been put out. My half cloud sky may not be great for stitching though, might be better to have solid blue.

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Here is your Oscar, Chris!


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I love you forever Chris…

Good job Chris! Thats a little different than I do them, but I like it.

There is a YouTube channel called Fstoppers who sell a sky replacement tutorial that includes a royalty free library of 200 skys.

Chris rocks. I said so.

I have a library of fisheye skies I made with the ims5 that I use for this, they look perfect because they were created with the same camera.

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