Siri petition?

Anyone want to join me in petitioning Apple to teach Siri to recognize “iGuide”??

I’m tired of correcting “eye guide” or “high guide” or other random misspellings. :grin:


Imagine the fun I’m going to have with that and my British accent :joy::joy:

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Last year I switched my Siri voice to a British voice. Sadly, that didn’t make her any more refined or understanding. She still sometimes thinks I’m saying “hi guy” instead of iGuide. :grin:

Finally - a fix for this.

Follow these instructions:

Create a new contact.
put in iGuide as the first name
Scroll all the way down and select add field
In the Add Field screen, hit Phonetic first name, tap the mic button in the bottom right corner, and dictate the word. Hit Done.

I have tested and it works!


Good digging, but does this method always work for you? It only works for me about half the time.

Hmm. . . never had much luck with Siri. If I ask her my name she says “you are Thomas. But because we’re friends, I’m allowed to call you Dumb Ass.” So I don’t mind being Dumb Ass the Eye Guy Operator.

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I’m dictating this. I think you may have jinxed us LOL. It did work at the beginning now it’s about half time let me try it now iGuide worked that time.
Well 50% is better than none. IGuide.

We won’t take that seriously until you update your forum profile name to the acronym DATEGO. :grimacing:

Oh sure, blame the photographer. We are always the fall guys. :grin:

I’ll try a few more phonetic options and see if I can crack the Siri code.

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