Shot a 53,000 sq ft office building. I love this company and product.

This product amazes me every time i use it. It works so flawlessly and its such a joy to have and use for my work. I shot a 53,000 sq ft office space and although it took a while, it was so easy and took little effort on my part aside from moving around the 5 story building.

My only request is, that they allow us to rotate the live blue print on the bottom of the screen to adjust to the direction we are facing, rather then my rotating the iPad in my hands.


wow that is a big project, can you share the link ?

im sorry, unfortunately i cant at the moment, the 5 story building had a fire on a huge part of the 2nd floor, so its an active fire scene with many parties involved, but i can show you what the building looks like on google, Google Maps.

It took out most of the second floor and spread. Took about 6 hours to scan and was around 500 shots.

Did you take any precautions while doing so? Did you charge more because of the hazardous environment? Are you an independent operator or are you working in the insurance industry?

im an independent Fire investigator and i contract with many many different insurance agencies and attorneys. charge more for a hazardous environment? No, its what im normally exposed too.