Shooting Small Bathrooms

Hello everyone, can anyone provide feed back on shooting a small bathroom 7’ x 5’. The bathroom is rectangular in shape with tub at back of room, sink and toilet on right side, also has a huge mirror above the sink. Bathroom door is a 24” slab. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

It will take a bit photoshop work but its not that hard. You will have to be in another room of course while the ca era is recording

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Ok, so that is pretty standard then? (Photoshopping out the camera)

So the issue is the camera in the mirror? If you aren’t familiar with using PS you can find many tutorials on YouTube (content aware fill). Just process the iGuide as you normally would then download the “photosphere” of the bathroom. Make your adjustments then re-upload/replace the current image. If you are really stuck I’m sure someone could make the edit for you if you post it here. The real problem in doing this is to protect the parts of the image you don’t want to affect.

Almost every house requires some photoshop work to remove the camera or other thing that shouldn’t show. The iGuide tutorial about this on youtube is quite good.

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