Shooting iGUIDE for rental properties.

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I have a potential client to whom I will offer an iGUIDE tour for their rental property to use on-going whenever they need to put the property up for rent. I will be providing photos for the same purpose, adding a licensing fee to each photo for their ongoing use.

Please provide any experience or insight you have on this topic. I’ve put the question into support asking how long a tour is available for use, so that is one question. The other is should I charge a licensing fee for the tour like I do for the photos?

Thank you for you input.


Hi Jarid. Currently the iguides stay active for 1 year and can be renewed at any time currently at no charge.
That may change in the future, but it’s a very simple matter to download the offline iguide and host it yourself or have the owner of the rental property host it themselves.

Hope that helps a bit.


Please be sure to mention that one big difference between iGUIDE and Matterport is that with Matterport you can not download or self host your 360 virtual tours.

With iGUIDE the sales agent can provide the buyer of the property with a flash drive that contains an offline digital copy of their home that they can save for insurance purposes in case the house is ever damaged by man made or natural disasters.

Oh and be sure to include your business contact info in the nadir circle because you never know 5 years down the line they might reach out to you to update their digital twin after they have updated the look of their home.

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Thanks Joshua, great point all. I will pitch both in my conversation with the clients tomorrow.

I’ve already created a branded nadir patch, but need to add contact info.


Thank you.