Shareable Templates

Hello everyone, I was reading the tread about agents share work without asking or paying to reuse the images.
Does anyone have a shareable agreement with regards to sharing work without permission?
Thank you, I am just starting my virtual tours and could use a kick start.

I just have a small disclaimer at the bottom of my *your photos are ready for * template, briefly saying

Usage of these photos are permitted by the Listing Agent only for the duration the listing remains with the Agent. Usage is limited to that of which is directly related to the marketing of the property for sale. By request, full usage rights can be purchased for an additional cost (ie. usage of photos for Rental/Airbnb listings ect.)

I dont think you need anything more than that but ive never had to deal with this problem either.


What is your email address? I’ll send you what I use.

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Thank you for your input. I do apologize for just seeing your response.

Hello and thank you for your feedback. My email is
Thanks once more!