Separate main floor and suite

Hi All… I am going to scan a home, main and lower floor. Lower floor suite is accessible only from an outside entrance… What is the best way to connect the 2 scans. Any advice appreciated… Thanks “Doc”

Hi Doc, I believe you can scan lower suite without any hesitation as a basement. Some comments for drafters will help as well. However if main door has same level as the basement you can scan all the way from door to door through outside. Then continue scanning inside of the basement.
Valentin - Vancouver BC

I regularly scan properties like this. Just today I shot a unique property that in addition to the main house has two suites (one on the main level, on in the basement) that are only accessible from the outside.

You want to give the drafters enough visuals and data to accurately draft the property, so I take extra exterior scans that allow them to see the perimeter of the house and where the outside access is. I usually hide those extra exterior scans since that’s intended for their use. With those exterior scans and the visual gap on a floorplan (e.g. the main floor had gaps for the areas that weren’t directly accessible from the main house) it becomes simple to accurately position everything.