Separate HDR Brackets

Currently, when you shoot HDR with Planix (Ricoh Theta), all of the photos are pre-blended. This renders quality subject to internal iGuide device processing.

Would love it if we can shoot all brackets in DNG, and blend them in a 3rd party software (Photoshop). This would mean we can do window and sky replacements, adjust shadows with little issue and the 360 photos would look 1000x better.

If you know of a work-around, would love to hear it. I mentioned this in today’s iGuide webinar and he said I should submit a ticket to iGuide support, I have since done that. The only workaround I know is to: turn on the iGuide, scan the room, turn off iGuide, turn on Ricoh Theta by itself, connect to Ricoh Theta, snap your DNG HDR brackets, turn off Ricoh Theta, turn on iGuide, connect to survey, and start on the next scan. This is a phenomenal waste of time, so if you have any other ideas - I’m all ears.

There is potential to get iGuides looking very similar to how HDR real estate photography is done, yes obviously it means you’re now editing each image meticulously aside from your real estate work, but some people (like myself) would love to spend the extra time & resources to have quality so far ahead of the competition who might not have the time to blend the HDR’s themselves and would rather fall on the quality of iGuide auto blending.


I’m thinking of just taking one scan, splitting it into 3 (Virtual Copy on lightroom), leaving one untouched, one over-exposed, and one underexposed. Then blending these in photoshop, cutting out the windows, doing a sky replacement, and seeing if this can work in the meantime. This solution is by no means perfect, but I’m thinking this will do until (hopefully) a firmware update comes in and allows us to separate the 3 brackets & allows us to shoot DNG.

I too would love to be able to edit raw files so they look good. Matterport gets better quality than iGuide for sure.

Watching. Thanks for this,really good idea.


I too think this is a great idea. I am an architect and I use iGuide for as-built measurements and photos, progress photos and I’d love to have quality after photos.