Selling THE IMS-5 system

We are selling our IMS-5 System for $2500 firm. Have only tried it once but it was too complicated and not automated like Matterport. The camera comes like new in the original case with all the equipment.

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Not in the market myself, but others may want to know physical location and whether it’s $2500 USD/CAD/AUD/Iceland, I’d guess. But before you part company with your system, I would encourage you to dig a little deeper with it. I had the MP Pro2 and will never, ever go back to it.


I have 2 pro2,s 4 ims-5 and 1 planix. iguide is far superior to matterport IMHO
take some time with it, i didn’t use iguide for the first 4 months of owning it, now I can’t stop! lol agents around here love it.

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I had a Matterport and sold it because it was just so time-consuming but even more so because of their customer service fails. I echo the sentiments of getting a flow going and giving it a chance. I personally have great success but shooting with auto exposure set and very rarely do post production edits. There are a few tricks but they are all online in this amazing forum. (best tip was loosening one leg of my tripod so when I go through doorways I can flip it out of the way easyily.- sounds simple but it was a game changer for me)

Good luck either way!

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Yes indeed where are you located?

I am looking to buy a 2nd camera this week. Please let me know if this is still available.

I am also selling an IMS-5 if interested.

Do you still have the IMS 5 for sale?

Yes. I’m located in South Florida. Can’t believe no-one wants it lol. Stills in the box haven’t touched it since first listed for sale. We only do Matterport. $2000 + free shipping. Thanks, Scott


Please send me an email, I may be interested.

Thank you,


Hi! I also have an IMS - 5 For sale. If interested email me at




Please contact me at

I am interested!

Also selling our IMS-5 system. Located in Canada.

Please email if you’re interested.

Scott, I am interested in your I-Guide system. Can you send me an email to with the details?

Hey Scott, I did not hear back from you - did you sell it?