Selling the IMS-5 system perfect condition

We are selling our IMS-5 System. Located in Canada. Perfect condition, comes with iGuide case, chargers, DSLR and iGuide system.


Hi, Is this camera still available, I am in Canada. What are you asking for it?

Only used it once. I’m asking for $1300 includes shipping

Hi Scott, I may be interested. Why are you selling it?

I’m selling the system because we find the system too complicated. The Matterport does all the panoramas automatically. The IMS-5 is quicker to shoot but it takes a lot longer to process. I have been trying to sell it for over a year but no one wants it lol. If I sold the Matterport I would have done so within the week.

Scott, please contact me at Thanks.

Hi Scott. If you didnt sell to Alan, please let me know. Cheers

I too am interested. I have the ims 5 and 6. Will be selling the 6 and getting another ims5. If available contact me

The System really isn’t that difficult, you can do more scans if it makes it easier for you to align the rooms , i also recommend using an ipad and not your phone. I use both systems as I own an iguide and then also do contract work for a company who owns a matterport. I can say i like the iguide way more, relying on the auto align feature of matterport can be very annoying when it doesn’t find the room. But iguide being user friendly beats that.

I decided to sell the IMS-5 for $2200 + Shipping. Located in Florida. Used it to try it out once. Never even did 1 job with it. In original case and includes everything. I am not taking more than a $2000 loss on it. Thx

I also have a camera that was used 5 times and I will be selling for $1500.00 US

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I am interested in the 6 if you are selling