Selling - IMS 5 Camera

I am selling a very lightly used IMS-5 camera. Located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Willing to ship.

Was new November 2020. Absolutely mint condition. Reason for selling is I upgraded to the Planix.

Includes all original items - camera, case, charger, 2 batteries for camera

$2600 OBO.

If i may ask from someone who has used both systems now,

How do you like each system and which one is better in your opinion. I need to buy a secondary iguide and trying to decide which one i should get.

I reluctantly bought the Planix when my IMS5 started making weird noises and was going to cost over $1500 to repair. I kept the IMS5 as a back up, and literally will only ever use it if the Planix had to go in for repairs. I love the Planix. Much faster on site - can’t do a whole house in 15 mins like they say, but twice as fast as the IMS5 - and I spend a quarter of the time post processing.

How is the quality? Was concerned with the quality of the z1. Which they upgraded the dslr verses going to a z1

Yes it is a trade off. The quality of the DSLR is much better than the Z1 but then I can be on site with the Planix for much less time. My record is shooting an empty 2 bedroom condo in 7 minutes!

For me I am choosing the speed of the Planix instead of the quality of the IMS5. From time on site to processing, my time is cut in half.

I do not see a quality difference - if there is it’s minimal in my view and I’m sure in my agent’s views - no one has ever commented on it. So speed is the big win in my view.