Selling new iGuide Planix Pro. $2400 free shipping.

Hi there
How much did you buy it?
Are you asking USD? Or CAD?
Where are you located?

Hi $3920 landed. Selling for $2300 USD with Shipping. Located in Long Island NY.

I have decided to sell mine, too - so if there’s more than one interested party, please LMK. Brand new - used/tested in a studio by a professional team a year ago, then stored in the original, professional (hardshell/padded) case since Covid (team disbanded). All original accessories, etc. Pics available - same price and terms after this one goes: $2300 USD includes shipping from Vermont. email me at TY

Selling my IMS5, will ship. Brand new never used.

I’m selling my IMS-5 for $1500 US. Never been used except for testing at home. I’m losing over $3000 but it’s better than it sitting in my house collecting dust. I use Matterport which automatically does all the stitching and lines up the scans. iguide does not line up the scans you have to turn them and line them up separately. This is like impossible for me since a scan doesn’t look anything like the room and very hard to line up.