Security Guarantee

This has come up a couple of times, but is there a security guarantee that iguide offers for sensitive contracts, such as government or military jobs? Since Matterport owns everything, it’s a real advantage that iguide can provide an offline version for someone to embed in their own server. However, is there any kind of guarantee to say that what was produced has been locked and cannot be accessed?

Locked Views cannot be accessed. Please also review KBAs and tech updates describing the new Protected mode that we released few months ago and which ensures only specified logged in portal users can access the iGUIDE. This is different from Unlisted Views which provide security by obscurity - anyone with an Unlisted View link can access it (unless it is locked). The Unlisted Views used to be called Private Views before Protected mode was introduced.

If you require complete disappearance, you can request iGUIDE data to be completely deleted from our systems once you have downloaded the offline iGUIDE. However, you will not be able to upload it back to the portal for further editing, e.g. to edit tags once we release them, or benefit from iGUIDE Viewer updates and bug fixes.