Section function

I would like to suggest to Planix the possibility of introducing the section function into the survey.
In the world of construction I would need it a lot, I have already tried indirectly to tilt the iguides and obtain a section with radix, but it would be nice if there was a function specifically designed that returned a drawing.

Thank You

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That would be very helpful! There are some tripod heads that can be tilted to 90 degree so the lidar will scan vertically. They cost around 200€. I have not tried one but I am thinking to buy one.

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could you explain more what you mean by a section function and survey? Thank you.

I mean elevation
a button in addition to floor where I can put the guides horizontally and memorize an elevation
I would like the elevation to be then drawn by iguide

I shot a home yesterday which would have been a nightmare for this issue. Sunken living room with criss-crossing vaults, plus bulk-heads for lighting. Nice waterfront shack! For the primary purpose of marketing real estate, the various ceiling heights and contours would be unintelligible and messy for home buyers. As Planitar expands into more construction implications, they may need a system with two lasers?

I also think the same, I am an architect and I work in renovations, for me this function would be a very useful thing

That sounds like a useful suggestion! Introducing a section function into the survey feature of Planix could greatly enhance its utility, especially for professionals in the construction industry like yourself. Being able to easily generate accurate section drawings directly within the software would streamline workflows and save valuable time.

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Yes, it would be useful to me too. My tripod can tilt 90 deg, and I shot one; actually tou can do it even without a specific tool, but maybe a function in the software could help.

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the important thing would be to have a specific function for this, so as to be able to link the vertical survey to that specific room where it was detected (not to force me to create a new project for each vertical) and above all I can’t pay $4.99 for each vertical radix