Second billing email


I would like to have the option to add a second email for the billing information. They don’t need to receive the iGuide report or have access to pano updates or anything like that, just the invoice email.

My scenario:
I currently have a support ticket submitted but I wondered if anyone else has this situation. I started out with the iGuide on my own for drafting up floor plans but earlier this year I was hired by a company full-time and part of the reason they hired me was because of the iGuide. The account (and Planix) still belongs to me though.
For billing, my company takes care of the invoices so I’ve been forwarding them the emails when they come in which is fine but not ideal. It would be really handy if I could have the option to add a second email for billing purposes.

Anyone else have a similar situation?

You might be able to deal with this on your end with forwarding rules in your email system. For example, you create a rule that looks for the right subject line, ensures that it’s coming from Planitar billing, and forwards it to the billing email of your choice.

Most email systems should allow for this pretty simply. With Outlook (which I use) I could set this up in two minutes, tops.

Thanks Leroy! It’s not really an issue on my side, I don’t even mind forwarding the email as I do as soon as it comes in but it seems it gets lost in the mix…so to speak.

Yep, understood. But as a workaround until (if) Planitar’s system allows for a distinct billing email, my suggestion above should work.

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