Scheduling Solution Needed

Hi Everyone,
I’m Adriana, I work for MAPPLY, a fellow iGUIDE Operator in Kitchener/Waterloo.
As you know scheduling is one of the most important yet time consuming hurdles in our industry.
I am reaching out to the Network hoping you can provide any insight on scheduling plugins, or what solutions work for you and your team?

Our major scheduling challenges are:
-Process takes too long for everyone
-Too much back and forth
-Process is too complicated

Any insight would be greatly appreciated as we are growing and would love to streamline this process to be more efficient!

Thank you!

Hi Adriana!

Great to see you here. Not sure if you remember me, but I’ve done scans for you out in BC.

It looks like the mapply website is built on the Wix system. Wix has a booking app system that can added directly on the website. It may be a solution for you if you haven’t looked into it yet. :slight_smile:

Sending you a message.