Scanning a barn

I have a barn to scan, not your typical barn. The client does not want me to use the address of the property the barn is located at. The barn is livable and is being looked at to sell. What would I put in for as the address for this?


The new scan system allows you to forego the address.

When you say " new scan system " are you referring to the latest update?

There’s a new option to disable a property address.

See Update 046 - May, 2024 | iGUIDE Help Center.

Disable Property Address
An iGUIDE can now be created without including a property address. Selecting Disable Property Address will eliminate the need to complete required address fields and map tools for the iGUIDE. Properties with no address must be uniquely identified with a number or name chosen by the user. This iGUIDE will not be indexable (found on public search platforms). A Property Reference is required to give the property an identifiable name for the customer and support teams’ convenience. All map features will be disabled for the iGUIDE any address functionality will not be able to be added once the iGUIDE is created.

Thanks for posting Leroy.

Yay. Great for model homes, air bnbs, construction needs.