Scan Points ( Halos ) Icons and Colour

Can it be considered that the Scan Points be other than Halos and be of several colours? Sometimes they can be difficult to see on a white background.


@Wmevirtualtours YES great idea. We did a scan of a showroom last week and the “halos” were almost identical to the showroom floor. If I had not been for the Floor Plan I’m not sure the client would have paid the invoice for the tour.

I agree but would like to take this a step further. It would be great if we either:
a) had a selection of other types of markers
b) had the ability to upload our own (such as our logo)

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Hey Dev Team,

What would it take for the iGuide developers to ack on this. As a new operator on my very first project the client mentioned she could hardly see the halos on the floor or in the distance the tour. Colored halos would have been preferred.

Maybe they can just add a black outline or drop shadow to it so that it works on any background.

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I like that idea. I’ve had trouble seeing the floor nodes myself in several tours. A black outline would be good. Or a black node with white outer glow perhaps?

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Would love flexibility on size and color of halos!

Add another vote for this functionality. Colour choice would be very handy.