Saying no to a client

We’re busy. We can only do so much work in a day.
At what point do you tell clients you can’t help them? At what point do you tell potential clients you aren’t taking on any more clients?
Or do you just figure out a way to do more work??

I’ve never understood the, “I’m not taking any new clients…” for ANY business. If you’re not taking new clients, then you are not only not growing, you are contracting. There is ALWAYS attrition.

Sadly, I’ve had a few instances lately where I’ve lost some business due to not being able to schedule a shoot soon enough. Now, this has been with clients (on the real estate side) who are being kind of unreasonable (I know, it’s shocking, right?). We’re, on average, 3-5 days out on scheduling shoots. Normally, our customers can find a way to work within this timeframe. However, there have been a couple of people who needed it RIGHT NOW. This shows the realtors are allowing their customers to run the show. A true professional would explain to their customer their guy/gal is busy and can get you on the schedule next Tuesday (or whatever). Too many realtors are just not very good at selling and are so excited they got the listing, they bend over backwards.

Not much we can do about it but, not taking new clients is about the most ridiculous thing any business can do.