Saving & Importing Stitch Presets

PROBLEM: Currently, I make my preferred adjustments to an interior pano, then COPY & PASTE TO ALL. The Presets feature can do this on the IMPORT by going to the SETTINGS and selecting a preferred “SET” to apply to your import, which is great, but…

When we save a Preset, the TEMPERATURE + BRIGHTNESS + GAMMA + LEVELS + OTHER COLOR CORRECTIONS are also saved and therefore applies those saved values to your import which always screws with the image dynamics, which in turn means I have to go through them all anyway to reset those values to AUTO.

SOLUTION: The ability to SELECT which values are to be saved in a preset would eliminate this problem and significantly improve workflow. Much in the same way as in Lightroom, you can save presets that will only apply specifically selected values while leaving the unselected values alone.

[…] Equalize (AUTO)
[…] Temperature (AUTO)
[…] Blues/Yellows (AUTO)
[X] Shadows (SAVE)
[…] Highlights (AUTO)
[X] Contrast (SAVE)
[X] Saturation (SAVE)
[X] Clarity (SAVE)
[…] Levels (AUTO)
[…] Gamma (AUTO)

Additionally, the ability to automatically apply the ALIGN & VERTICAL adjustments on import would be super! Currently, the process requires me to spend time correcting the pano alignment & vertical corrections on every pano anyway… The ability to include those auto-adjustments to the Preset would rock the party!

[X] Align using Features
[X] Vertical Auto
[…] Yaw Auto


If I understand correctly, the saved settings are applied on top of what’s already there. Zero everything out, and a bit of this-and-that, then save the preset. When paste over the original (auto) settings, it will only affect what you’ve adjusted. If Auto sets brightness to +25, and your preset has +10, you’ll end-up at +35.

I have two interior presets; one with blue and yellow knocked down for those dark and bright rooms in the background. I’ve been using this with all interiors and it looks fine. I “paste to all” switch to my Ser-3 (exterior) and then flip through the set. When I get to an exterior shot, I hit “reset color” then “Load”. I make very few tweaks from there. I almost never have to adjust alignment.

I agree that we could use more options for presets. I personally would like to see a “Paste to selected” button so we have an option between “one” and “all.”


It’s time to revive this topic. The suggestions above for presets would be very useful.

Can this please receive attention??

Even with “Zeroing” before saving a preset, the camera’s auto features are imported with the data transfer (i.e. exposure, etc) - so the Zeroed adjustment will change those values when applied to the scenes anyway. If the Camera’s Exposure is at 20, the applied saved adjustment will change that and you will have to adjust it again anyway…

It would still be very beneficial if we could SELECT the SPECIFIC SETTINGS that we wanted to SAVE along with the settings we want to set to AUTO in the ADJUSTMENT SET so only those items are modified during the Paste-to-All adjustment…

That’s how Lightroom handles it.

Give the user the ability to choose what settings we want to copy, save, and apply and Stitch presets become much more usable.