Sample iGuides with shelving fixtures - Ex. Hardware store

I’m wondering if anyone has ever scanned a hardware store/grocery store/ etc that have gondola shelving or racks etc? I’m curious to see how yours turned out. Would I be able to see a sample of your iGuide? Thanks!

Several years back we scanned a 110000 sq ft store that was a private test for the company. We did MANY scans as they requested a scan every 6-8 feet and all gondola/shelves etc be shown in Floorplan. When we turned in the project for drafting the cost of drafting was much higher than a fee for sq ft. We had discussed this test project at length with iGuide so we came to an agreement on costs for that project. What we learned…Be sure to include Sq Ft, appx number of scans, and all drafting requests in your communications with iGuide for a proper cost breakdown before you put any pricing out to the client. We will look forward to seeing your finished project!

I’ve looked into this several times and plantar has informed me each time they will not draft in shelving units in a store. I can’t understand why. it seems simple enough.