Restaurant example

Hi folks, I’ve searched and searched on here but can’t find an example of an IGuide for a restaurant (or similar). Can find lots out there that use Matterport…

I’dlike to show a potential client what the final results may look like.


Here’s an iGuide I shot a few years ago for a restaurant + live music venue: iGUIDE 3D Tour for 10524 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB.

This is great!! Thanks so much.

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Hi Leroy,

Nice job; well done; I had a question for you about pricing; for those type of scenario where the iGuide would be permanent (restaurant has it on a permanent basis, right?), how would you come up with a price? I am in Toronto & might get a commercial contract coming up. Any tips would be much appreciated.

Pricing is such a fluid topic. Among other things it has to account for your local market, your level of experience, and your business plan.

A few things to consider when deciding on pricing:

  1. The value of a long-term iGuide to a business is greater than the value of a short-term iGuide for MLS, so the price should also be greater.

  2. There’s additional value for a business if you use the Google Street View option to publish the iGuide to Google.

  3. One wildcard in this is that although Planitar doesn’t currently charge ongoing hosting fees, it’s been brought up in this forum that they eventually may (or will), since hosting costs them money. So you might want to consider a renewal fee for long-term iGuides. (I haven’t done that yet, but that would be smart.)

  4. I’d suggest charging a factor (2x, 3x, 10x, 100x :smile: ) what you would charge for an iGuide for real estate.