Reset analytics

Can we please have a way to reset the analytics data for a property ourselves in the portal? (With a “are you sure? are you sure-sure? are you triple scoop, pinky swear sure?” prompt, of course, to avoid problems.)

It happens not infrequently that clients take a property off the market and I lock the view. Later, when they relist the property, they want the analytics data to start fresh.

Thank you.

I would like to second this request. Not sure how it would be possible without losing the original analytics data, but if there is a way that would be great.

Further to that, I’d like to be able to specify the initial term of analytics. Subscribe for 1mo, 2mo or 3mo. I’d prefer the call “hey, where are my analytics” rather than, “hey, I keep in getting reports for properties that were sold 6 months ago.”

Maybe have them let you know when the property has been settled so you can lock it?

I have a large and growing list of small clients, and they tend to do very little of what we suggest. We can tell them to let us know, they’ll forget the conversation, and then get annoyed every Monday morning for several weeks before they get around to saying something. If having their email on the banner was enough for them to easily turn-off the analytics, that would be helpful.