Replacing all panos with high res panoes

Hi everyone. I have a simple question. Has anyone ever replaced all of their panos in their virtual tour with high res photos from their regular photo camera, in my case I have a Sony A7 Mark III.

As I get more clients outside of real estate and have virtual tours that are going to stay up much longer than a residential real estate listing, and an idea struck me. Why not replace all the panos with high-res photos from my regular photo camera? There’s a big difference in quality and of course I’d charge more for high-res photos, but I’m curious if anyone has tried this before, low light restaurants can be difficult with the Ricoh Planix Pro camera, it’s a small sensor and requires some extra touches to get it to look its best in low light situations.

So I’m curious what the work flow was like for some replacing all the panos, if anyone has tried this. What I’m thinking is my I’ll take a shot with my Planix Pro, take it off the tripod and have my A7 III on a gymbal to get the necessary shots for a pano and go to the next pano and repeat. Then of course processing all the photos into panos and some light editing to make them look nice. So has anyone done this kind of thing? I can see it making some extra revenue for photography businesses and because a business like a restaurant isn’t going to need to buy another virtual tour any time soon the cost seems to be worth it for a client. Any thoughts, advice, criticism?

Yes, it is an option for sure. Especially now that they have removed the 2 week upload limit…you could even go back and update older ones (I think?) which is super, duper, awesome. Planitar always makes cool updates.